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Gas & Fire Detection A fire detection system is one of the most important safety items on board of a vessel. We have a large range of spare parts directly available ex stock Check the full list


NOTIFIER - Leaders in Life. Safety. Technology

For over 60 years, NOTIFIER has been in a leadership position in the fire alarm industry. Today we
are the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with over 400 distributors worldwide
and regional support operations on every continent helping to ensure we provide the flexibility and
options your business needs.
Our commitment to products and partnerships is what propels NOTIFIER to stand proudly above the

Our Products

Fire Alarm Control Panels

NOTIFIER's line of fire alarm control panels features advanced smoke sensing technology to speed
response times and reduce nuisance alarms. Find out about ONYX® Series, Classic Intelligent
Control Panels, Voice Evacuation Systems, and Conventional Control Panels.

NOTIFIER Integrated Network

NOTIFIER’s integrated systems platforms unite NOTIFIER systems with other security, card access,
and CCTV systems as well as competitors’ fire alarm control panels over a single network.


Network interface modules, network control annunciator.

NOTIFIER Integrated Systems

Intelligent graphical fire alarm systems, centralized or distributed command and control, fire command

Fire Alarm Peripheral Devices

NOTIFIER offers a complete line of peripheral devices for use with its fire alarm systems, including
intelligent sensors and control points, conventional initiating devices, and notification appliances.

Fire System Accessories

Get information on NOTIFIER system accessories such as printers, remote annuncitors, auxiliary
power supplies, battery chargers, and relays.

Gas Detection

Review NOTIFIER's line of fixed, standalone or network gas detection systems, as well as portable
and personal gas detectors for a wide range of applications.

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