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The Autronica BDH-500/EX is an explosionproof heat detector that can be used in hazardous areas zone 0, zone 1 and zone 2. The BDH-500/EX is the EX version of the BDH-500 Heat Detector.

Plug in detector head
Heat detector intended for use in humid areas
Short circuit isolator in each detector
Conforms to EMC directive
Automatic addressing
Additional coating of PCB circuit for environmental protection
Proven technology
Configurable to class A1, A1R, A2S, B, C
Immune to electromagnetic disturbance
Unrivalled reliability due to the SelfVerify function
Not influenced by dust, humidity, exhaust gases, electromagnetic fields i.e.: radio transmitters, cellular phones, etc.
EN 54-5/EN 54-17
Designed to meet the requirement of the major maritime classification societies

The Autronica BDH-500/EX can be used in combination with the following:
Base: BWA-100
Conduit Box: BWP-100/20 or BWP-100/25

Technical Specifications
Weight 140g
Materials Polycarbonate/ABS
Colour White
Voltage 10-27VDC
Current consumption, stand by: <0,3mA
Environm. requirement EN 54-5
Degree of protection IP44D
Working temperature -20 - +80