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Gas & Fire Detection A fire detection system is one of the most important safety items on board of a vessel. We have a large range of spare parts directly available ex stock Check the full list

The Autronica BN-300 is a input unit that is used to interface different types of signal devices of on/off types on the detector loop. The Autronica BN-300 has been designed to be used with the Autronica Interactive Fire Detection Systems, and comprises the SelfVerify function. The SelfVerify function ensures the highest grade of reliabily.

Configurable input
Interface unit for interfacing external units, clean contacts, alarm relays, etc., onto fire detection system
Monitored input
Short circuit isolator in each unit
Automatic addressing
Proven technology
With SelfVerify function for reduced maintenance/testing and increased reliability
Designed to meet the requirements of the major maritime classification societies

Technical Specifications
Weight 175 g
Material Thermo plastic
Colour Light grey
Input function Configurable
Voltage 10 - 27 VDC
Max. capacitance on input 30 nF
Current consumption stand-by 0,3 mA
Environmental requirements EN 54-5/EN 54-7
Degree of protection:
Membrane inlets
PG inlets (PG-13,5)

Working temperature -20 - +70