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The Autronica BN-320/GMU-XS is a general control unit that is designed for use in maritime installations. The BN-320/GMU-XS is connected to the detector loop, and it is designed for use with the Autrosafe Interactive Fire Alarm System and AutroMaster5000.

The Autronica BN-320/GMU-XS is used as an interface for a general monitoring and control to front external equipment on to the detector loop.

Input A is used for confirming activation (manual or automatic.
Input B is used for reporting fault conditions (power fault and/or unit fault).
An open circuit (loss of the 2k on the inputs gives fault warning).

2 monitored inputs.
1 output with potential free changeover contact.
Connected directly to the detection loop.
Short circuit isolator in each unit.
Loop powered.

Technical Specifications
Material ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) plastic
Colour Light grey, RAL7035
Impact Resistance (DIN 53453) 9 kJ/m2
Fire retardant UL94-HB/3 mm
Temperature Resistant Method: DIN53461 A 74