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Gas & Fire Detection A fire detection system is one of the most important safety items on board of a vessel. We have a large range of spare parts directly available ex stock Check the full list

The Autronica BHH-500/EXE is an optical smoke detector designed for use in Zone 1 or Zone 2. The BHH-500/EXE has a built in thermistor and is designed to be used in Autronica's interactive Fire detection systems.

Comprises the DYFI+ adaptive and self learning function
With SelfVerify for reduced maintenance and increased reliability
Detection of visible smoke
Automatic addressing
Proven technology
Immune to electromagnetic disturbance

The Autronica BHH-500/EXE can be used in combination with the following:
Base: BWA-100
Conduit Box: BWP-100/20 or BWP-100/25

Technical specifications
Weight 150g
Materials Polycarbonate/ABS
Colour Light grey
Sensitivity Acc. to EN54-9
Voltage 10-27VDC
Current consumption standby <0,3mA
Environment requirements EN54-7
Degree of protection IP44D
Working temperature -20